Bryant® Preferred™ Non-Programmable Thermostat and Thermidistat

Bryant® Preferred™ Non-Programmable Thermostat and Thermidistat
Models: T6-NRH, T6-NHP, T6-NACThree simple buttons — home, away or sleep — tell your thermostat where you’ll be, and provide the best in energy savings throughout the day. And at just under 9/10ths of an inch deep, it looks fantastic in any room.

Key Features

  • Perfect Humidity® technology capable for optimal cooling comfort (T6-NRH thermidistat only)
  • Hybrid Heat® system management capable (T6-NRH thermidistat only)
  • Humidifier compatible (T6-NRH thermidistat only)
  • Air purifier and ventilator compatible
  • Toucn-N-Go® feature temperature presets
  • Automatically changes over between heating and cooling
  • Pop-up reminders for timed filter changes
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration
  • Keypad lockout
  • 24-hour clock back-up
  • Outdoor Air Temperature (OAT) sensor

Product Specs

Hybrid Heat® system capable Allows gas furnace/heat pump system combinations for best heating efficiences (T6-NRH thermidistat only)
Programmability Touch-N-Go® feature presets
Reminders Automatic, timed air filter, humidifier pad, and UV light change reminders
Auto changeover Switches between heating and cooling operation as needed
Perfect Humidity® technology Available with appropriate system components (T6-NRH thermidistat only)
Staging 1 Heat / 1 Cool (T6-NAC); 3 Heat / 2 Cool (T6-NRH and T6-NHP)
Power supply Battery-free
Screen Backlit LCD screen
Cover Durable, clean, white outer casing
Design Slim profile possible when equipment control module is mounted on furnace or fan coil
Size 5.2″H x 5.2″W x .9 or 1.3″D